We have served our last burrito until September to make way for a busy summer of ice cream.

We have ice cream by the scoop or tub. You can call the shop at 902-407-6614 to pre-order tubs for pickup. If you wish to skip the line-up we will be open from 11:30am to noon for tub pickup only.

We have a large choice of cold drinks too!

Our Flavours

Our ice cream is churned in small 18 litre batches using milk and cream from local dairies, organic cane sugar and only real fruits, nuts, and flavourings sourced locally whenever possible. We produce a dense, delicious and creamy smooth product. Our sorbets are made from fruit, organic cane sugar and water.

Almond ice cream with caramelized almonds.
Tasting a bit like your grandmother's banana bread - made with ripe bananas and a hint of cardamom.
Banana Cardamom
Made with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.
House made caramel swirled in a vanilla ice cream.
Caramel Swirl
Hints of cinnamon, cloves, fresh ginger and star anise.
A silky smooth dark chocolate made from European cocoa.
Coconut ice cream with toasted coconut flakes
The smooth coffee flavour comes from fresh espresso shots using Java Blend Fog City beans.
Inspired from the old fashioned popsicle - vanilla ice cream with an orange swirl.
Vanilla ice cream with a black currant swirl.
Dairy free, main ingredient: mangoes!
Mango Sorbet
A creamy smooth ice cream made with pureed mangoes.
Mango Ice Cream
Classic maple ice cream with large pieces of walnut.
Maple Walnut
Dark chocolate with cinnamon, nutmeg and a cayenne kick.
Mexican Chocolate
Orange ice cream spiced with star anise.
Orange Star Anise
A dairy free offering which combines rasberries and passionfruit.
Raspberry Passion Sorbet
A whole lemon experience - lemon ice cream with a whole lemon curd swirl.
Shaker Lemon
Our vanilla is made from an organic Madagascar extract and ground vanilla bean.

+ More Flavours in Store

Our flavours rotate daily but we strive to have our most popular flavours available at all times.

Ice Cream Cakes

Three layers of house baked cake, two layers of ice cream with a choice of filling and covered with a layer of ice cream.

Create your cake by choosing from the following:

  • Cake- white, chocolate or lemon
  • Filling – chocolate, caramel, raspberry, blueberry, or nut
  • Ice cream – any available flavour at the time of ordering

We have two sizes available:

  • small (feeds up to 8 people)
  • large  (feeds up 16 people)

Ice Cream Cakes are made to order, please give one week’s notice