For custom cakes call the shop 902-407-6614. An advance notice of 5 - 7 business days is required, please & thank you. We are closed on Mondays and are unable to take orders on this day!

We highly recommend that you order burritos ahead of time for pickup as we often have a line up at this time of year. You can call the shop at 902-407-6614. We will be receiving orders for burritos until 7:00 PM.


We come from

… family and good food.
… small is beautiful.
… all things real.
… delicious.
… be gentle and respectful of all living things.
… local farmers and growing things nearby on healthy soil.
… treat the land and people far away as if they were our neighbours.
… the question of what is really important.

What we come from
is what we strive to offer.

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