We have served our last burrito until September to make way for a busy summer of ice cream.

We have ice cream by the scoop or tub. You can call the shop at 902-407-6614 to pre-order tubs for pickup. If you wish to skip the line-up we will be open from 11:30am to noon for tub pickup only.

We have a large choice of cold drinks too!

Due to the size of our kitchen and our priority to keep our staff and community healthy, we have had to limit the amount of staff in the kitchen at any one time. We have made the difficult decision to focus on what we do the very best which is ice cream. In the winter months we will be adding burritos to our menu when we are open, Wednesday through Sunday.

Simplifying in this way allows us to continue to make our ice cream from scratch daily using the best locally-sourced ingredients available such as milk, cream, organic raw cane sugar and local in-season fruits.

We come from

… family and good food.
… small is beautiful.
… all things real.
… delicious.
… be gentle and respectful of all living things.
… local farmers and growing things nearby on healthy soil.
… treat the land and people far away as if they were our neighbors.
… the question of what is really important.

What we come from
is what we strive to offer.

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