Deep, Dark Winter Hours starting this week....CLOSED on Monday and Tuesday

We have beautiful Holiday Mini Cakes available - layers of Chocolate Cake, Candy Cane Ice Cream, and Chocolate Sauce. They serve two people.

We have lots of special holiday flavours of ice cream available in tubs - Candy Cane, Rum Chocolate Swirl, Fruitcake, Eggnog, Figgy Pudding, and Cranberry Orange Sorbet. Call ahead to reserve a tub.

We highly recommend that you order burritos ahead of time for pickup as we have limited indoor waiting space. You can call the shop at 902-407-6614. We accept burrito orders up to 30 minutes before closing.


We come from

… family and good food.
… small is beautiful.
… all things real.
… delicious.
… be gentle and respectful of all living things.
… local farmers and growing things nearby on healthy soil.
… treat the land and people far away as if they were our neighbors.
… the question of what is really important.

What we come from
is what we strive to offer.

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