Using only real ingredients we create a variety of nourishing, tasty offerings. In keeping with our belief in local, sustainable agriculture, we use free range chicken, and grass fed beef from Holdanca Farms, fresh valley produce when seasonally available, and Speerville organic black turtle beans.

Fresh & Crispy Mexican Salad


Our burritos are simple, filling and easy to eat on the go.Rolled fresh on a 12″ tortilla, our burritos are always delicious; straight up or with all the fixins. Try it grilled for an extra crispy shell. Spiced as you like with fresh jalapeno hot sauce and banana peppers.

Soup and Chili

Our soup of the day is made with seasonally available vegetables.Our soups tend to be vegetarian and vegan friendly but we do slip in the occasional split pea with smoked ham.Our vegetable chilli is available piping hot in the cold months of the year. Served with a cornbread muffin.

Baked Goods

We bake our muffins and cookies daily using only butter, organic sugar, and Speerville organic milled flour with other real food additions.

Hot Drinks

Warm up or start your day with one of our specialty coffees, a hot ginger lemon, chai latte, or hot chocolate during the cold months of the year.

Cold Drinks