The World in a Cup of Coffee

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

The roasted beans before grinding

Sometime when you have a quiet moment, do nothing but drink a cup of coffee. Don’t read while you drink, don’t talk to anyone, don’t plan your day, don’t dwell on what is wrong with the world or what is right for that matter. Just drink your coffee, taste your coffee, wonder about everything that is contained in your cup of coffee.

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Introducing the Haskap Berry

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Last week I was introduced to the Haskap berry by Logie Cassells from LaHave Forests located near Chester on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. These small berries whose name is derived from the Japanese meaning “little presents on the end of branches” is a recent addition to the good fortune that we are blessed with in the form of locally grown fruits. This small berry has three times the anti-oxidant properties of wild blueberries among many other nutritional merits. We have made our first ice cream and sorbet using this fruit with the second trials beginning Wednesday of this week. The Haskap Berry and Lime sorbet has been a hit. This week we will experiment with a pure Haskap Sorbet, a Local Pear and Haskap Berry Sorbet and another ice cream.

For an abundance of information about the Haskap Berry or to get more information on LaHave Forests visit their website at