We are beginning our Fall hours which means we will be CLOSED on Mondays.
Tuesday thru Sunday our hours of operation will be noon to 7PM.
We are currently serving only ice cream and cold drinks but stay tuned for changes.

About Us

We are a family run business that first offered ice cream in Peggy’s Cove in 2004. We opened the doors of our Halifax café in 2010.

We strive to remember the interdependence of all living things and our place as guests on the planet we call home. Issues related to the health of community and the environment have the greatest influence in our decision making process. We are willing participants in the difficult conversations around social equity, environmental sustainability and the impact our business decisions have on our immediate community and ultimately the world.

Outwardly we focus on serving delicious and enjoyable food while engaging with actions that contribute to a healthy, inclusive world for everyone.

Our Suppliers

Over the past years we have forged personal relationships with many of our suppliers. We stand by their integrity as farmers and business owners whose values align with our own. We have many amazing suppliers who we rely on and greatly value for the ingredients that make our food so good! Some of the following people we have had a business relationship with for over a decade!

Goodmore Kombucha
Webster's Farms
Cosman and Whidden Honey
Propeller Sodas
Common Roots Urban Farm
Highland Farm
Barrelling Tide Distillery
The Vanilla Company
World Tea House

and so many more!

Thank you to all of our wonderful suppliers!